AIM Software wins A-Team Group DMS Award 2014

    «Best Enterprise Data Management Platform for Portfolio Pricing & Valuations»

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    New Whitepaper: Getting ahead in Fund Pricing

    A competitive edge in Fund Pricing through innovative technology

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    Whitepaper: Outsourcing Reference Data Management

    Outsourcing as a source of revenue: A definitive report with case studies

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    Benefit from the GAIN Community

    Reduce your TCO with fully integrated, best practice products

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    Safeguard data and standards compliance

    Full round trip on all data sources within one modular product suite

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    All common connectors and adapters provided

    Unleash the full power of your financial data feeds and data sources

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    Discover the GAIN Reference Data Management Edge


    AIM Software is the leading provider of business applications for data management to the financial services industry.

    Solutions include software for reference data management, financial instrument pricing, corporate actions and entity data.

    Our full-service solutions are specifically designed to complement and ease finance industry activities such as asset and securities management, private banking, insurance management, fund administration or custodian activities.

    We cater to the real business needs of the finance industry

    • Fully customize work and data flows around your real operating requirements
    • Apply changes to workflows and business rules with a few clicks instead of programming
    • Control and manage all data flowing through your organization
    • Living community: Clients benefit from new functionality added to the product on the basis of collaborative community effort

    We have designed GAIN to easily enable centralized control and management of all your data flows—while providing the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).

    GAIN is built around your processes

    • Our model-driven architecture approach enables a shorter time to market and lowers TCO by streamlining the most common operations and functions
    • All aspects and functionality of the software can be controlled by your organization independently
    • Pre-packaged and fully maintained best practice business applications can be delivered à-la-carte, as part of a larger package, or included with a complete solution

    With more than 110 client references, and offices in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, France, the UK and the US, AIM operates globally and offers low risk all-in-one software packages, based on its industry-proven data management platform GAIN.

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