AIM Software and West Highland Support Services announce strategic partnership to address EDM needs of Front and Middle Office

New York, Vienna – August 15, 2018

AIM Software, a leading global provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) software to the financial services industry, and West Highland Support Services, a global data service and solution provider, have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver near real-time data management services that meet the evolving needs of the Front and Middle Office.

This strategic alliance will result in a solution that combines AIM Software’s GAIN Data Management, a market leading EDM platform, with West Highland’s Reference Data Framework (RDF), a Big Data, Data Lake caching, access and distribution optimization tool. This integration of GAIN and RDF will provide financial institutions with a single point of access to near real-time, end-of-day, and static market and reference data from multiple sources.

Steve Roe, founder and CEO of West Highland Support Services, said: “This partnership enables our clients to be more cost effective through buying (versus building) an architectural framework to process and make available any data attribute in real-time, pricing or referential, bringing EDM closer to the front and mid office for corporate actions, valuations, P&L and Risk Management. Big Data is transforming our industry, and WHSS and AIM Software are ahead of that transformational curve, as our clients cannot wait for data to be made available in the traditional time frames. With AIM Software and their data mastering capabilities and data usage dashboards for greater transparency, we are aligned in the vision of bringing Enterprise Data Management closer to the front office for our clients.”

Deepak Srinivasan, CTO at AIM Software, commented: “More than 100 of the world’s leading financial institutions depend on AIM Software’s GAIN Data Management platform for their core data management needs. We help clients to streamline their data processing operations, comply with regulations, and increase their business agility. Our partnership with WHSS will further enhance these capabilities with near real-time data, enabling clients to make informed decisions more quickly, and with even greater accuracy.”

With their best-of-breed solution, West Highland and AIM Software are embarking on a joint campaign to advise clients on how long-standing data challenges impacting the Front and Middle Office can be mitigated using their powerful and complimentary product suite.


About West Highland Support Services

West Highland Support Services (WHSS) is a vendor agnostic global service provider, recognized as an industry authority and thought partner for market data, information, referential and professional services for over 20 years.

WHSS helps clients reduce TCO, monitor and improve data access, performance and system transparency.

Among its products and services are its Professional Services for digital transformation and expense management, Hosting and Cloud Based Services, Real-time Monitoring and Support packages (ALIVE), Data Notification Manager (DNM), a change management system for exchange and OTC venues, and Referential Data Framework (RDF), a Big Data framework, enabling client applications and systems to access pricing and referential data on demand in a more cost effective and compliant fashion.

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