Our employees

Here is what some of our team members have to say about working at AIM Software.

Business Analyst

Maciej Halama

  • Why did you relocate for a role at AIM?

I relocated to develop my career at AIM and to combine my desire to live in one of Europe’s most iconic cities, while working at an innovative and fast-paced organization. AIM offered the opportunity to work in a fast-growing and agile set-up, where I could really make an impact. Location was also extremely important for me, and in researching locations in Europe, it was hard to find a city as attractive as Vienna. Vienna constantly ranks at the top of the world’s most liveable and beautiful cities. It is also situated in a prime location close to many other iconic European cities (Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, etc.), making it an ideal location for travelling and exploring Europe.

  • Tell us about your first two months at AIM Software.

The on-boarding process at AIM is very smooth and professional. I was paired up with a “Buddy” who was a senior in my team who helped me get up to speed as fast as possible. My team members were also extremely supportive and always eager to teach me new things. Thanks to the great support of my buddy and team, I was able to hit the ground running and begin contributing to projects very early in the on-boarding process. As time progresses, I am frequently given the opportunity to challenge myself in taking on new roles and greater responsibility in my projects and within the organization.

Software Developer

Taghrid Elashkr

  • Describe your work at AIM.

I joined AIM in 2016 as a Software Developer. I work within the product team to help maintain and enhance our suite of software applications. I’m currently combining my work at AIM with a master’s degree in Business Informatics at the University of Vienna. I was attracted to AIM because I wanted a role that would allow me to gain experience in business management while improving my IT skills.

  • How would you describe the company culture at AIM?

AIM is a truly diverse and multinational working environment, which is one of the reasons I wanted to join the company. There is a good sense of team spirit across the organization. People make a real effort to welcome new joiners and get to know their colleagues. There is a strong support network and good communication from senior management, who make sure that employees really understand the company’s objectives and the role that everyone plays to ensure we’re successful.

  • What inspires you most in your job?

I’m particularly interested in data science and machine learning and feel that senior management are supportive of my career goals and objectives. I love that I am constantly learning, both from a technical and business management perspective.  AIM offers the flexibility to gain experience in different parts of the business, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to grow within the organization.

Senior Project Manager

Olivier Trine

What part of your role do you enjoy the most?

The most exciting part of my role at AIM is meeting with customers and helping them to meet their business requirements most effectively. AIM Software is full of talented people and there is always the opportunity to learn something new!

Can you describe a typical working day?

What I like about AIM is that no two days are the same. I am based in our Luxembourg office but regularly visit our Vienna headquarters to meet with the team. About once a month, I travel to the United States to meet with our US customers. A typical day would include internal team meetings with Product Management and Development, meetings and calls with clients, and conversations with our Partners.