Our employees

Here is what some of our team members have to say about working at AIM Software.

Product Owner


  • Which progress did you make in AIM?

To progress at AIM you must be proactive and drive initiatives with clear and realistic expectations. AIM Software gives you the opportunity to learn about and identify the key factors driving change, and then execute on well-defined plans. You will be kept on your toes without a dull moment, should you accept the opportunity to make a difference.

  • What do you like most about the team collaboration at AIM?

There is no question about it; the people are the highlight at AIM. Everyone shares a common goal to help those in need when asked.

Head of Core Development


  • What are the main requirements for you when hiring new employees?

At AIM we look for people who excited about the opportunity to join an innovative and fast growing company. We want people who are committed as opposed to “job hoppers”.

During the hiring process, I look for candidates who are passionate about their field, and enjoy talking about their previous projects and accomplishments, as well as their career aspirations.

  • What are the most frequent questions from candidates?

I’m typically asked about the team set-up and culture at AIM. From a technology perspective, candidates often ask for an overview of the AIM software architecture.

  • What excites the most about working at AIM Software?

It’s great to work in a truly a multinational environment.

Software Architect


  • What domain/product are you specialized in?

I specialize in the design of Data Warehousing and Business Analysis systems. I’m also a fan of metaprogramming.

  • Could you describe one of your most exciting projects? What was the biggest challenge?

The most challenging project so far was the VDF loader where I designed the domain-specific language which business analysts use to describe the mappings for ETL, plus the tool generating transformation logic at runtime. The development of the product was finished more than three years ago but the number of customers using the solution continues to grow, without a single change to the code base.

My second “baby” is Quant DB, which is DW/BI system for quantitative analysis of financial data and back-testing of trading strategies. This product operates with big volumes of historical data. We had to optimize and parallelize the algorithms to reach the required performance and scalability levels.

Business Analyst


  • Why did you relocate for a role at AIM?

I relocated to develop my career at AIM and to combine my desire to work at a fast paced organization with my desire to live in one of Europe’s most iconic cities. AIM offered the opportunity to work in a small, but fast-growing, horizontally structured, and agile organization where I could make an impact. Location was also extremely important for me, and in researching locations in Europe, it was hard to find a city as attractive as Vienna. Vienna constantly ranks at the top of the world’s most livable and beautiful cities. It is also situated in a prime location close to many other iconic European cities (Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, etc.), making it an ideal location to fulfil my desires to travel and explore Europe.

  • Can you tell us about your first two months at AIM Software?

The transition to starting at AIM was very smooth and professional. I was paired up with a “Buddy” who was a senior in my role who helped me get up to speed as fast as possible. My team members were also extremely supportive and always eager to teach me new things. Thanks to the great support of my buddy and team, I was able to hit the ground running and begin contributing to projects very early in the onboarding process. As time progresses, I am frequently given the opportunity to challenge myself in taking on new roles and greater responsibility in my projects and within the organization.



  • What is most exciting for you about working at AIM?

What excites me most about working at AIM are, first and foremost, the talented people I’m surrounded with and the experience I gain from working with them. Having the opportunity to improve my technical competence and knowledge is only one obvious aspect, however. The other important one is socializing with colleagues from different countries and cultures. We regularly go for a good lunch, or meet at the cinema sometimes, or just play a quick round of pool-billiard. For me, this combination makes working at AIM fun.

  • Which events at AIM did you like best so far?

The various events organized by AIM offer a great balance to daily work-life. As a movie enthusiast, I totally loved the “Star Wars” event, where the whole company came together for some drinks and watched “Star Wars: Episode 7” in our own exclusive cinema hall. Apart from that, I also always enjoyed the meetings at “Tel Aviv Beach” in the heart of Vienna (summer in the city!), and last but not least there are of course the Christmas celebrations, which are always something special!

Senior Business Analyst


  • What is most exciting and challenging aspect of your role at AIM?

The most exciting and challenging part of my position at AIM is absorbing all the new things that I am learning day to day. With the numerous amount of opportunities that exist in AIM, where one can be involved in many different types of interesting implementations, there is plenty to learn and plenty of scope for self-development.

  • How does the bridging between UK office and VIE headquarter work for you?

With corporate tools such as Skype for Business, it is very easy to speak to colleagues in Vienna. The time zone difference is not an issue either and there is always support within a usual UK working day. AIM is very proactive in keeping up team spirit and moral and there are always opportunities to visit the Vienna office and build relations with the team there.

  • What is most exciting for you in international Projects?

What’s most exciting is visiting new countries. From the US to Australia, there are opportunities to work in various global locations. Working with different people and sometimes different working cultures, communication and interpersonal skills are always put to the test.

Senior Project Manager


What is most exciting for you about working at AIM?

The most exciting part about my role at AIM is meeting with customers and helping them to meet their business requirements most effectively. AIM Software is full of talented people and there is always the opportunity to learn something new!

How does your business day look like?

What I like about AIM is that no two days are the same. I am based in our Luxembourg office but regularly visit our Vienna headquarters to meet with the team. About once a month, I travel to the United States to meet with our US customers. A typical day would include internal team meetings with Product Management and Development, meetings and calls with clients, and conversations with our Partners.