GAIN Data-as-a-Service Webinar

Data Management operations are largely an in-house, on-premise function that have become an expensive, time consuming and distracting challenge for many Buy-Side firms. Conventional Data Management solutions no longer offer a competitive advantage to an organization, with many disparate data sources unable to provide the required data lineage and standard reporting capabilities many financial institutions require. These limitations come at high costs to an organization, as resources are continuously funnelled into task resolution and auditing functions to meet the ever-growing regulatory pressures.

Financial Institutions now look to the future of data management, and many organizations are recognizing the potential benefits of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) to gain an advantage in a highly competitive market where solutions allowing firms to differentiate themselves are becoming ever rare.

AIM Software, has commissioned a piece of research focusing on the current global perspective on Data-as-a-Service, highlighting the current attitudes, accelerators and obstacles that Financial Institutions face as they look to streamline business operations, increase efficiency and mitigate operational risk through a DaaS solution.

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