GAIN Data-as-a-Service

Best-in-class Data Management – As a Managed Data Service

GAIN Data-as-a-Service is designed to improve your business operations by relieving you of the burden of in-house data management. Our focus is on delivering accurate and timely market and reference data that is ready to use in your business processes, together with expert advice that helps you to remain one step ahead. By choosing GAIN Data-as-a-Service you can become more operationally efficient and increase your business agility. 

Specialist Management of your Data Life-cycle

GAIN Data-as-a-Service is a complete data management solution for your pricing and reference data, provided as a Managed Service.

We take care of the end-to-end data life-cycle to deliver clean data that is ready to use in your business processes. Based on the proven GAIN Business Data Model, the coverage of the service is extensive – with all major asset classes and instrument types fully supported.

With GAIN Data-as-a-Service, we take away your data management headache by delivering quality data that is fit-for-purpose, and in accordance with your SLAs.

How Does it Work?

With productized adaptors to leading data vendors, we source the data that you need from your chosen providers. Our team of data specialists takes care of validating and enriching the data to ensure that it is fit-for-purpose. We then publish the clean data to your dedicated instance of the GAIN Consumer Dashboard – an intuitive Web-based User Interface – where it is ready to use in your business operations.

End-to-end data lineage is available for each record, providing the auditability and transparency needed for regulatory and business purposes. Should you have a query, our operational team is available 24 x 7 to answer any questions on the quality, content and lineage of the data provided.

Expert Guidance to Facilitate Business Change

GAIN Data-as-a-Service isn’t just about delivering clean and timely data. We are equally committed to helping customers enable business change and seize new opportunities. We achieve this through the GAIN Advisory Service, which is dedicated to providing customers with timely advice and best practices.

The GAIN Advisory Service is a team of industry and data management experts who proactively monitor for any industry, regulatory and vendor feed changes that may have an impact on our clients’ business operations. The Advisory Service proactively informs customers of these changes, and – where required – advises them on how best to adapt.

GAIN as a Service Benefits