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Empowering buy side firms to keep control of their data

AIM Software offers a product based approach to Enterprise Data Management. We are the only vendor to offer a living suite of productized business applications combined with a modern data management platform. Back in 2011, AIM Software developed the business application approach to data management by looking for patterns among our 100+ customers. We saw similar needs for processing securities data, prices and corporate actions, so we captured the functionality to create business applications covering these areas.

The most efficient way to solving data quality issues

A strategic, centralized approach to Enterprise Data Management is the key to increasing profitability by improving operational efficiency, optimizing costs and increasing agility. But reaching this stage can be challenging. Many firms still operate with disparate data management functions, but this siloed approach to data management often means poor operational efficiency, a heavy reliance on manual processes, poor data quality and lack of insight into data lineage. Ultimately, this leaves the firm open to:

  • Increasing costs
  • Operational risk
  • Poor decision making

AIM Software delivers productized solutions that meet the specific data management needs of the buy-side. Our proven approach is based on 4 key pillars: Packaged Business Applications, an End-to-End View of the complete business workflow, close collaboration with carefully selected partners, and the AIM Software User Community.

Packaged Business Applications

AIM Software business applications have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of our extensive buy side client base. These fully-maintained, productized solutions combine extensive out-of-the-box functionality and in-built best practices, with the flexibility to easily extend and parameterize the system according to your bespoke requirements. Efficient workflow processes that are fully auditable help clients to improve operational efficiency, minimize risk and meet regulatory requirements.

Feeds and Adapters


Inclusion of Partners

AIM Software has formed a number of strategic partnerships with other important application/software vendors in the financial industry. We believe in growing best practices which focus on business logic rather than integration work, as well as ensuring long-term alignment across product roadmaps. Through these close partnerships with other industry-leading software providers, we are able to provide clients with full-integrated, best-of-breed solutions and faster delivery times.

Living community

GAIN is a living product suite fed by an active and engaged client community:  All products are fully maintained, developed and supported by AIM Software, thereby ensuring continuous enrichment of functionality for the benefit of all users.

Feeds and Adapters

GAIN supports a vast number of data feeds and formats. Get to know more about our covered feeds & adapters.

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