GAIN Security Master

Make your reference data fit-for-purpose before it impacts your downstream processes

GAIN Security Master centralizes and simplifies the management of all securities reference data accumulated through your operations, providing financial institutions with a single source of truth for all reference data queries. With GAIN Security Master, you can be confident that your data is accurate before it reaches your downstream systems.

Be confident in the quality of your data

GAIN Security Master is a productized business application that automates the acquisition and quality control of reference data, including securities data across all asset classes. Through exception-based processing, strict controls, and validation rules, it guarantees data quality from the moment a new security is created in the system. The application speeds up the on-boarding of new securities and acts as a “data quality firewall” that improves operational efficiency and protects downstream processes and systems from poor quality data.

Out-of-the box features include:

  • Complete global coverage for all instruments and asset classes
  • Fully maintained interfaces to major data vendors including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Interactive Data and SIX Financial Information
  • Intelligent workflows that maximize automation and facilitate timely exception handling
  • User friendly dashboards with easy configuration

Empower your business end-users

GAIN Security Master is the only solution for business users who want the flexibility to build and manage their own workflows through self-configuration. The application delivers:

  • Accurate and reliable securities reference data
  • The ability to react more quickly to regulatory changes and challenges
  • Full data lineage: track back what has happened at any point of time
  • More autonomy to business end users
  • Improved operational efficiency and increased business agility

An industry-proven business application

The next generation of data management practice needs ready-to-use business user applications that puts less burden on IT.

GAIN Security Master is a workflow-oriented application that overarches existing architectures and allows data management to be solved in a proven, timely fashion allowing for growth and adaptation in a complex investment management environment.

Driven by an active community of users and staff specialists, the product stays in front of emerging industry requirements and provides comprehensive solutions, tools and guidance.


Efficient business operations


Governance and control


Flexible and faster adoption Save


Lower ongoing costs

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Designed to help you meet the increasing demands for data quality control, automation and complete data lineage, our GAIN Security Master product enables you to run your investment operations with efficiency and agility.