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Efficient data management operations to stay ahead of operational and regulatory challenges

The world’s leading asset servicing, fund administration and global custody firms rely every day on AIM Software’s GAIN to support their business-critical data operations. GAIN’s targeted business applications help asset servicing firms reduce their operational workload and ease the compliance burden. At the same time, GAIN enables increased business agility and competitive client services, while leveraging existing systems.

The rapidly changing regulatory landscape, coupled with economic headwinds and evolving technologies, force asset servicing providers to reevaluate strategies and to make permanent changes to their business models. Cost and efficiency initiatives are underway. Key areas to address include:

  • Operational challenges of shortened settlement cycles (T+2) – reduced time to on-board new positions or to verify corporate actions announcements.
  • More frequent NAV calculations – increasing workloads in portfolio pricing.
  • Responding to regulatory data requests across the silos that traditionally divide businesses, functions and regions.
  • Meeting new sophisticated client needs with tailor-made data services.
  • Optimizing data costs and consumption.
  • Compliance burdens increase permanently, particularly for globally operating firms. Data governance is now a top priority as reporting obligations start to take effect.

As the triple challenge of regulatory risk, operational efficiency, and competition meets with ageing internal systems, it provides firms with opportunities to capitalize on new capabilities.

Preferred Supplier of the Asset Servicing Community

AIM Software is an award-winning and independent provider of best-in-class data management software applications that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the buy-side community,  including fund administration, custody and securities services.  AIM Software has more than 90 clients worldwide, including asset servicing firms of all sizes.

AIM Software’s business applications – Security Master , Portfolio Pricing , Corporate Actions and Entity Master  – support all core data operations, and are fully integrated with the GAIN data management platform.

These business applications are packaged, purpose-built sets of business functions, aimed at improving discrete business processes, underpinned by strong data management capabilities. They include end-user workflows and real-time dashboards, allowing business users to configure the application as the business changes and grows without having to rely on IT staff.

They have been specifically designed to meet the particular challenges faced by the Asset Servicing community, including: high volumes, managing multiple and different requirements at both the client and portfolio level, transparency and responsiveness.

By choosing AIM Software, Asset Servicing firms benefit from:

  • Firm-wide, high-quality and consistent data
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Lower operating costs
  • An agile, adaptable business that is well positioned to respond to change
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The Market-leading Buy-Side Expert

AIM Software is the largest EDM provider focused exclusively on the Buy-Side industry.

We are a fast-growing and award-winning provider of solutions, recognized market leader in the data management space with over 100 Buy-Side clients in Europe, America and Asia.

Our suite of solutions is structured around distinct “business applications” that our clients can use to address their requirements and challenges: securities, market data, corporate actions, research, legal entities, index & benchmark data etc.

Each application benefits from best practices, built with our community of clients, that we release and maintain as part of the software.

AIM Software is the only vendor to provide a combination of a best-of-breed and modern data management system with productized applications, with deep configuration abilities and continuous functionality enrichment for the benefit of all users.

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