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Solutions for Investment Management

A portfolio of data management solutions for improved business agility

Asset management firms across the world depend on AIM Software’s EDM products. Our suite of productized business applications allows your firm to create the most efficient data management processes upstream of your core systems and functions.

Investment managers, global asset managers, fund managers, pension funds, sovereign funds and insurance companies are dealing with increasing transactions volumes, data sources, and asset types, coupled with more stringent regulatory requirements.

As a result, institutions need to tackle more data quality issues and at the same time improve accountability. They must focus on cost, efficiency, regulations, but also on increasing their business agility – as they look to expand into new asset classes to find new sources of growth.

The answer is to adopt a centralized approach to solving data quality issues. Centralizing your data management operations not only ensures that trusted, consistent and timely data is available to all functions and subsidiaries across the organization, it also enables the organization to more efficiently adapt to constantly changing data requirements.

A centralised source of trusted data

AIM Software, founded in 1999, is the recognized leading provider of data management solutions to the buy-side, with over 100 clients across Europe, America and Asia.

We provide business applications that are specifically designed to meet the data management needs of the buy side, covering reference data management, portfolio pricing and analytics, corporate actions processing and legal entity data management. Our products deliver extensive out-of-the-box functionality, while at the same time empowering business users to easily extend and parameterize the system according to bespoke requirements.

All products are fully maintained, developed and supported by AIM Software, for the combined benefit of all members of the AIM Software user community.

Relevant Client Stories in Investment Management

The Market-leading Buy-Side Expert

AIM Software is the largest EDM provider focused exclusively on the Buy-Side industry.

We are a fast-growing and award-winning provider of solutions, recognized market leader in the data management space with over 100 Buy-Side clients in Europe, America and Asia.

Our suite of solutions is structured around distinct “business applications” that our clients can use to address their requirements and challenges: securities, market data, corporate actions, research, legal entities, index & benchmark data etc.

Each application benefits from best practices, built with our community of clients, that we release and maintain as part of the software.

AIM Software is the only vendor to provide a combination of a best-of-breed and modern data management system with productized applications, with deep configuration abilities and continuous functionality enrichment for the benefit of all users.

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Find out more about how GAIN has helped investment managers, global asset managers, fund managers, pension funds, sovereign funds and insurance companies to improve their business agility and efficiency – including relevant client case studies.


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