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More than 40 Private Banking and Wealth Management institutions depend on AIM Software to power their operating systems with data that is reliable, complete and consistent.

With new competitors, regulatory imperatives and more demanding client expectations, the Wealth Management and Private Banking industry is under more pressure than ever before, forcing wealth managers and private banks to re-evaluate their operating models. Following the financial crisis, investors have become increasingly sensitive to risk. This, combined with the current low yield environment, means that meeting client expectations of returns in a digitalized world is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, regulatory pressure and the cost of compliance continue to increase. At the same time, clients are demanding easier ways to manage their assets.

Wealth Management and Private Banking firms are often held back by legacy systems and manually intensive processes. To remain competitive, they must optimize their operating models and become more innovative. This means adopting a more strategic approach to data management.

A data quality firewall for improved client service

AIM Software enables Private Banking and Wealth Management organisations to streamline their data management operations, increase their business agility, and meet client expectations. We provide fully-productized business applications for reference data management, portfolio pricing and analytics, corporate actions processing and legal entity data management.

With more than 40 private banking institutions benefiting from GAIN, AIM Software is the leading and trusted provider of data management software to the private banking and wealth management community.

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The Market-leading Buy-Side Expert

AIM Software is the largest EDM provider focused exclusively on the Buy-Side industry.

We are a fast-growing and award-winning provider of solutions, recognized market leader in the data management space with over 100 Buy-Side clients in Europe, America and Asia.

Our suite of solutions is structured around distinct “business applications” that our clients can use to address their requirements and challenges: securities, market data, corporate actions, research, legal entities, index & benchmark data etc.

Each application benefits from best practices, built with our community of clients, that we release and maintain as part of the software.

AIM Software is the only vendor to provide a combination of a best-of-breed and modern data management system with productized applications, with deep configuration abilities and continuous functionality enrichment for the benefit of all users.

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