GAIN for Ambit APSYS

Ease the daily data management effort

AIM Software provides an integrated adapter for importing financial data into Ambit Apsys—giving Ambit Apsys users a distinct advantage by highly automating data input through GAIN. The GAIN | Ambit Apsys adapter offers a wide range of built-in features and interfaces to Ambit Apsys, and these can all be further customized and fine-tuned on demand.

Proven best practices with 30+ Ambit Apsys banks

We also cooperate with the major Ambit Apsys banks, who act as “innovation clients” helping us develop new and better features based on actual results and experiences. This practice enables us to provide a strongly tested, future proof platform for data management that is fully aligned with the future evolution of Ambit Apsys.

With over 30 banks since 2002, AIM serves the biggest interface user pool in the Ambit Apsys world which results in that wide range of feed interfaces and Apsys knowhow.

Ease the daily data management effort

Using the intuitive automation features of GAIN Data Management considerably eases the daily data management effort for feeding Ambit Apsys, while ensuring the quality of all imported data.

Users can open and process data directly in Ambit Apsys while GAIN runs in the background. They can also open a security at any time, and check the imported data manually in the “Ambit Apsys Monitor” before loading it into the Ambit Apsys database. Moreover GAIN offers an automatic mass update feature that allows users to get the latest available information for any new and existing securities, as well as dividend and coupon payments.

Choose from the following GAIN | Ambit APSYS interfaces

These interfaces are continuously extended and adapted to new Ambit Apsys functions:

  • Security Creation & Updates
  • Security Income & Revenues
  • Security and FX prices and fiscal / end-of-year rates
  • Interest Rates and Index Rates
  • Basel III data such as ratings
  • EU Savings Tax (EUSD) and EU tax definition data
  • TIS (Taxable Income per Share) prices and TID