GAIN for West Highland Support Services RDF

Delivering real-time data management to the front, middle and back office

AIM Software and West Highland Support Services – offering real-time data management.

West Highland Support Services and AIM Software have united forces to offer real-time data management services that meet the evolving needs of the Front, Middle and Back Office. The GAIN & Reference Data Framework (RDF) solution provides businesses with a single point of access to real-time pricing and referential data from multiple sources, via fully maintained adaptors to leading data providers.

Seamless Integration

The GAIN & RDF solution combines AIM Software’s market-leading GAIN Data Management platform with West Highland’s proven Reference Data Framework (RDF), a Big Data, Data Lake caching, access and distribution optimization tool.

With fully maintained, productized adaptors to multiple leading data providers – including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, MSCI and Tradeweb – the solution provides financial institutions with access to high quality pricing and referential data in real-time.

Centralized Access

With the provision of real-time data from West Highland’s RDF into the GAIN EDM Platform, businesses can consolidate multiple data sources through an intuitive web-based user interface. This consolidation of data ensures financial institutions using GAIN & RDF are empowered to make informed decisions more quickly, and with the greatest level of accuracy.


  1. Centralized, compliant access to real-time data
  2. Validate, enrich and reconcile data requests across multiple sources
  3. Consolidate your real-time data sources into a single location
  4. Ensure data source, quality and performance
  5. Intuitive, timely reporting
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