GAIN for SimCorp Dimension

Improve your business agility with a best-of-breed solution

GAIN for SimCorp Dimension: The optimal data management solution for SimCorp Dimension users

AIM Software has a long-standing partnership with SimCorp, a leading provider of investment management software solutions, helping SimCorp clients to improve their data operations. The GAIN data management platform is the only EDM solution to offer a fully-maintained integration with SimCorp Dimension.

GAIN captures and process securities prices, static and reference data, and corporate actions notifications from multiple sources. The resulting cleansed data is then uploaded into SimCorp Dimension via a standard interface.

Thanks to the integration with the GAIN platform, SimCorp clients are able to mitigate the risks associated with inaccurate data and improve their overall operational efficiency. They can also reduce cost and improve the accuracy of their data management processes thanks to streamlined, automated workflows.

Best of breed

GAIN is the productized “best of breed” solution to your data management challenges. Our purpose-built business applications get you up and running faster, ensuring rapid ROI.

Cross-departmental business benefits

The GAIN platform can interface with multiple downstream systems, benefiting all departments that rely on high quality reference data (not only those using SimCorp Dimension). AIM Software is particularly strong in two fundamental areas of data management:

  1. Data capture and data feed management (both internal and external)
  2. Automated data cleansing (including matching, reconciliation and enrichment).

Business benefits

Typical business benefits include:

  1. Operational efficiency underpinned by better quality data, consistent across the whole organization and centrally managed;
  2. Reduced operational risk, because there is less manual input and re-keying, and centralized dashboards;
  3. Improved control of data feed costs, their use across the organization, and ongoing maintenance;
  4. Increased business agility that can more effectively respond to business scaling, entering new markets, etc.
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