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GAIN in the Cloud

Simplify data management operations

GAIN in the Cloud simplifies data management operations while offering faster time to market and reducing total cost of ownership.

There is a growing trend across the industry to move to cloud services.  Clients are increasingly seeing little value in the hosting, managing and maintenance of infrastructure in-house that does not offer any competitive advantage. This thinking is becoming increasingly common and an area where AIM Software can offer considerable value.

GAIN in the Cloud offers clients our complete suite of GAIN Business Applications as a service. This provides clients with a single point of call for all aspects of their EDM operations covering Hardware, Licensing, Infrastructure, Application Operations and Support.  By pulling this all under one umbrella, clients are able to mitigate operational risk by providing a single SLA for all issues, regardless of whether they span across the different areas of the application, infrastructure or operations.  This prevents issues falling through the cracks as they pass between the Business, Operations, IT and Vendor Partners.

With GAIN in the Cloud, clients benefit from faster error assessment and resolution, as all issues are investigated by AIM Software product experts.

GAIN in the Cloud runs on a private Global Cloud infrastructure that is designed to scale with all our clients who wish to move to a Software as a Service model. We can therefore help our clients realise a lower TCO for their Data Management, enabling our clients to achieve economies of scale that they would struggle to do alone.

GAIN in the Cloud offers:

  • Faster time to market
  • Economies of scale
  • Reduced TCO
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support
  • Industry best practices and expert staffing
  • Faster issue assessment and resolution
  • Release and deployment management

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AIM Software Managed Service simplifies data management operations whist offering faster time to market and reducing total cost of ownership.



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