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Operating the GAIN platform and releasing its full potential requires product expertise and best-practice experience. We believe our clients must become independent in using and extending their GAIN-based system so that they can make the most of it. This is what AIM Software’s Training services deliver.

AIM Academy

The AIM Academy is a program of classroom Training sessions providing you with experience in GAIN applications. Experienced instructors will show you how to configure the system. To maximize your outcome of the training, usage is in focus, offering processes and tasks as experienced in the daily operation of the GAIN business applications and the EDM platform.

Professional User

This course provides a broad introduction to the business functionality of one of the GAIN Business Applications. Targeting operations specialists, analysts and business end-users, the course is designed to end-user-specific parts of GAIN. During the course, you will learn how to use the business application to run daily operations; basic principles, exception handling, approvals, audit trail & investigation, monitoring of business processes, adjusting workflows. The course is a mixture of basic presentation of the chosen business application and GAIN functionality with hands-on exercises.

Business Analysts & Subject Matter Experts

This course gives participants basic knowledge of how to parameterize and customize GAIN in four full days. The course is designed for business analysts and subject matter experts. Besides the fundamental parts of the GAIN framework, the course covers the most popular GAIN Studio tools; Data Model Extender, Data Acquisition, Transformation Editor and Mappings, Scrubbing Matrix, UI Settings, Test Explorer, Data Dictionary.

IT Operations User

The purpose of this course is to give the participants basic knowledge of the technical aspects of GAIN in two full days. Besides the fundamental parts of GAIN, the course covers the important aspects when operating GAIN; Use of processes, Monitoring the system, Configuration (user rights, logs etc.), Event Log Management. During the course, the participants will be presented to all the GAIN business applications. The course is a mixture of theory, GAIN presentations, and hands-on exercises.

Client specific GAIN training

Professional Services can deliver targeted training to clients specific to their GAIN applications and business processes. The training takes place on the client site and refers to the client specific configuration. The training brings immediate benefit to the client because it is pertinent to new users joining the client organization or to existing client users joining a specific GAIN implementation project.

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AIM Software’s Training services help you improve the effectiveness of your enterprise data management system in all daily work processes by transferring our expert knowledge to your organization.


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